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About Us

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About Us

Driven by our passion for authentic Vietnamese cuisine in Bulgaria, we have created CHAO.

During the years our team has established strong partnerships with Vietnam, trying to connect the Vietnamese nation with the Bulgarian, and to build not only strong business partnerships, but cultural.

Vietnamese is one of the most popular Asian cuisine in the world. Flavours are light, fresh and layered without being overstated. The balance between sweet, sour, salty and hot elements is important. Each dish has an interplay of opposites: hot versus cold, soft versus crispy, fresh versus fermented. Vietnamese is one of the healthiest cuisines in the world.

The team

„Our team is built around Vietnamese professional chefs from Hanoi and best in class chefs from Bulgaria. All our ingredients are carefully selected and imported from the best food producers in Vietnam and Bulgaria.“

Ivaylo Petkov



CHAO Vietnamese Restaurant, Betolovoto 128, Razlog
Open: Friday to Sunday, 12:00 pm – 23:00 pm